Is Lao Fengxiang's 30 -point diamond ring 8000 expensive?

4 thoughts on “Is Lao Fengxiang's 30 -point diamond ring 8000 expensive?”

  1. It depends on what level of the 30 -point diamond,
    If it is D -color VVS level, it is not expensive to sell 8000,
    After all, naked diamonds are about 5000 . Around 2000, there is a brand premium.
    of course, if you choose a jewelry processing factory, it will be much cheaper.

  2. This also depends on the color clarity of the diamonds you purchased. These aspects of the color clarity are comprehensive considerations. It only depends on the price of the size. There is no way to give the suggestion. OK

  3. Not expensive, the diamonds of
    30 points are equal to 0.3 carats. This weight diamond ring is a very common weight in the market. The price of ordinary 30-point diamond rings is very affordable. Generally speaking, you can buy a 30-point diamond ring with a 30-point score of 6000-200,000 yuan. 30 -point diamond ring, the price of 8,000 yuan will not be too high, and the ordinary working class can afford it. Therefore, when you spent 8,000 yuan to buy a 30 -point diamond ring, it is really not expensive and the price is very close to the people.

    The friends know that diamond ring can be divided into many sayings, such as you must pay attention to it, cut work, pay attention to its purity, pay attention to its brand, etc., so in high quality, so on, in high quality Under the premise, 30 -point diamond ring, if it can reach the cost of 8,000 yuan, it is also acceptable.

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