Is the 50 -pointed diamond ring preserved? I bought it for more than a year

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  1. Diamonds have a certain room for preservation, but not all of the diamond rings can be preserved, and there is a threshold in the size of the diamond ring. Is 30 points of diamond ring preservation? When the 30 -point diamond ring in the market is popular, the price is favored by ordinary consumers because the price is cheap, but this diamond itself is a small diamond, the price is cheap, and basically does not have the function of value preservation. Therefore, 30 points of diamond rings are not preserved.
    How to maintain the diamond ring
    The value of the diamond has a lot to do with its quality level. Diamonds of rice grains are only decorative, while large diamonds have value preservation value. In terms of diamond ring size, generally 50 points have a certain value -preserving value, but the premise is that diamonds with good quality, clarity, and cutting of the diamond ring can be better. of. The 1 -carat diamond ring will be relatively relaxed in terms of value preservation effect. Ep color is above, VVS2 or higher, bright and 3EX bright cut -cara -round diamonds generally have value preservation functions.
    It should be noted that the preservation is not the same as appreciation. The main role of value preservation is that the diamond ring is relatively less loss when repurchasing, but it does not mean that you will get higher costs than the purchase price. If you want to appreciate, it is best to be a large diamonds of more than 10 carats, and the diamond level cannot be too low. It is best to be more than the color (color) level, the clarity VS, and the cut (CUT) is perfect.
    Compared with white diamonds, color diamonds (red diamonds, blue diamonds, pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, green diamonds, etc.) are rare, so if you have a rare color diamond, it is undoubtedly the best one Collection, value preservation and appreciation will be much better than ordinary white diamonds.

    does not want to preservation of diamond ring
    1. Don't be too attached to the brand: Many consumers are caught in a misunderstanding before buying diamond ring. The brand's diamond ring may be more chic and more fashionable. However, in terms of diamond ring value, the goodness and badness of a diamond ring are mainly reflected in the quality of diamonds, and there is no featuring the brand. Especially as a diamond ring for value preservation, the brand diamond ring will be much more expensive due to the brand premium when purchasing, but it will not consider this when recycling valuations, but calculates according to the value of the diamond itself.
    2. Don't rely on the value -preserving function of diamond ring: We say that "diamond ring preservation" is when the price of diamonds is relatively stable, but in fact, the price of diamond ring is not stable. Supplement, for example, the same diamond's offer may be hundreds of dollars cheaper today than yesterday's offer. These are from time to time. Therefore, although the diamond ring you buy now has a value -preserving effect, perhaps in the future, the international situation will change sharply in the future, and the price of diamonds is large, and your diamond ring may lose its value -preserving significance.
    In fact, for most consumers, diamond ring exists as a testimony of love. It pays more attention to significance. Few people should get recycling, repurchase, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay more attention to the diamond ring when buying. In terms of style and price.

  2. If the 50 -point diamond ring is good, the recovery value is good. The quality of the diamond is not only depends on the carat of the diamond, but also the clarity, color, cutting, and so on. After the recycling company will identify the comprehensive valuation, if the specific preservation is not preserved, it is difficult to say, because if you want to compare with your purchase price, if it is a big -name diamond and the diamond premium, there may be a certain gap in the recycling price.

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