Seven -son -in -law's black husband came to knock on the door 176 This young girl, isn't it the legendary junior?

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  1. "Actually, my most angry is Ms. Liang. I came to insult Song Yu again and again, disturbing her, whether it was verbally warned or directly to Donghua, it seemed that she could not let her settle down. Madness is like abnormal. "Qi Chengzhi accidentally walked to Yu Zidong." Speaking of which Mrs. Zun is reasonable, Yu President Yu will not be like this now. To this day, I still have to leave my self -esteem and my face for forgiveness. In fact, why is this? I know today, why bother? "

    " If President Yu's wife is not Ms. Liang, then Qi Chengzhi no longer continued, but just looked at Yu Zidong's deep meaning.

    It Yu Zidong's expression suddenly changed. After understanding the hint of Qi Chengzhi, his face suddenly flushed.

    "You--" Yu Zidong didn't mention it in a breath, and he was angry.

    The meaning of Qi Cheng is dissatisfied with Liang Lihua and let him divorce Liang Lihua!

    The company and Liang Lihua, the two chose their alum!

    He didn't expect Qi Chengzhi to do so well, and he would not retreat at all!

    The company has worked hard for so many years, so he did not want to give up anyway.

    The Liang Lihua is his hair -based wife. No matter what her character is, at least the two of them are dealt with together, and the daughters of the two are so big. He divorced Liang Lihua for the company?

    He really couldn't bear it. In the end, he also had a wife who had lived with him for nearly thirty years.

    , and if this matter was passed out, he said that he wouldn't even have a wife in order to keep the company even his wife?

    The Qi Chengzhi will not wait for Yu Zidong's answer here. A serious say: "President Yu considers itself, Dongge, send guests."

    finished, Qi Chengzhizhi He left the guest room.

    The Yu Zidong bit his teeth tightly, looking at Cheng Dongge as if he was watching Qi Chengzhi.

    I. as a powerful assistant to Qi Cheng, Yu Zidong also hated the house and Wu, and hated the teeth of Chengdong Pavilion.

    "You don't have to send it." Yu Zidong said coldly, scarlet with a face out of Qi Lin.

    The black Mercedes -Benz on the side of the road, sitting on the back seat, asking the assistant who drove the car in front, "How is the company over there?"

    "There are more and more people who protest the trouble, most of them are small customers, but because of the large number of people in this group, the impact is greatly impact. . "The assistant said.

    Yu Zidong closed his eyes, and he was all excited and took a deep breath.



    Saturday, Qi Chengzhi went to the company to work overtime, Song Yu returned to his parents' house himself.

    . She had the key at home, opened the key to open the door. As soon as she entered, she saw Yu Qianying carrying her bag, neatly wearable, and urged Song Donglin, "You can quickly call you! Musch is dead! "

    " Dad, mom, where are you going? "Song Yu stunned.

    "Huh? Why did you come back suddenly?" Yu Qianying put the bag on the table at random and took off his jacket.

    "Mom, don't you rush to take off your jacket, you have to go out?" Song Yu stopped her.

    "Isn't it a mall to engage in activities today? It is a member day, and everything is very discounted. I just want to buy a thin shirt at this time, so I want to see it." Yu Qianying said "Since you are back, I won't go. By the way, why are you back alone, do you take it alone?"

    "He went to the company today, I have nothing to do at home. He came here by himself. "Song Yu said, picked up Yu Qianying's bag on the table," It's okay anyway, I go with you, I have never visited the mall for a long time. "

    Song Donglin walked out of the outer jacket. I was particularly happy to say: "Then, don't you go with your mother, I really don’t like to visit the mall, especially now I am engaged in activities. There is a headache. "

    " I know, you do n’t want to go with me. "Yu Qianying said angrily," Yes, you are at home, not so annoying me to be annoying. You, you are still at ease. "

    . She held Song Yu's wrist," Let's go. "

    Song Yu smiled and said to Song Dong again. Goodbye, I went to the mall with Yu Qianying.



    Is when this shopping mall is engaged in activities, because of the large activities and high discounts, everyone is particularly special every time More, plus today is the weekend, it is even more crowded.

    In addition to cosmetics, jewelry, jewelry, and shoe bags on the first floor, there is also a piece of

    tang open space as a special exhibition. cheap marketing.

    Yu Qianying originally wanted to see if he could find any cheap clothes, and was dragged away by Song Yu.

    "Mom, since you are here, buy a few pieces, don't forget that you just gave me a dowry, I am a rich man now." Song Yu said, while saying Dragging Yu Qianying on the third floor, specializing in high -end women's clothing floors.

    "Mom, do you look good?" Song Yu took out a long knitted cardigan and a thin trench coat. Let's do it. "

    Yu Qianying was looking at these two clothes, and suddenly heard the familiar voice:" Xiaolin, what do you think? "

    This one is so suitable for you! It looks good, it looks particularly young, the complexion is particularly good, and the dress is particularly temperament. "

    " Yes! " There are only two pieces of the clothes in the cabinet, so you don't have to worry about hitting the shirt or something, because you are so small. And you have a good temperament, even if you really wear the same as you wear it as you are wearing you Yes, that's definitely not youth. "

    " Madam, your family must have a big business? I think you look like the wife of the rich people, not yet the lady, isn't it yet? Generally, rich people are definitely the one that can be ranked in the Forbes list. Otherwise, there is no graceful and luxurious temperament. I guess, your husband's family is a giant, you are from Shuxiangmen Di, you are from Shuxiangmen Di Di. Right? "The clerk patted the horse warmly next to him.

    Yu Qianying also heard it, the voice was Jian Yi's mother Zhou Mingyan.

  2. Hello, the seventh son -in -law's black husband came to knock on the door 176. The young girl in front of her eyes is not just the legendary primary three chapters that have been updated and can be read.

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