What ’s zakka? What is Zakka? Take you to see a very delicious handmade grocery store in Korea

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  1. People who are manual often see the word Zakka. Do you know what it means? What connotation does it have? Zakka ("ZAK-KA" (grocery) or "various items" from Japanese) is a fashion design phenomenon spread from Japan to the entire Asia. This word includes all kinds of things that can improve home, life, and image. It usually refers to home supplies from the West, in the West, they are usually considered vulgar things. But Zakka can also be a product of Japan in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. In Japan, there are so -called Asian Zakka stores, which usually refer to Southeast Asia. Zakka also refers to modern handicrafts.
    zakka is also described as "the art of seeing wisdom from ordinary and worldly." Zakka's interest can be regarded as another trend in the tide of consumption, but it also touches the problem of self -expression and spirit. Cute, rustic and vulgar. To become Zakka, it must also be attractive, sensitive and thoughtful. What ’s zakka? This word that cannot be found in the English dictionary is closely related to life. All pots, pans, teapots, tea cups, tea filters related to food ... and these styles such as foreign style, peace style, Asian style, etc. Related cloth products, heat insulation gloves, moisturizing hoods, canvas waterproof apron, or decorative life that has become more and more valued recently, candlestick candle cup flowers ... In Japan, no matter residential shop streets, urban streets, flower houses, in Japan, in Japan, in Japan, in Japan Regardless of residential shop streets or urban streets, flower houses, Zakka seems to play an important role. Each small corner is always arranged so pleasing, showing a happy smile. The grocery may be just a small attachment, but it can play a immediately and value -worthy effect in the space or life trajectory. In the grocery store, all kinds of household supplies are bought, and many of them are made by the owner. Many professional designers have been trying to design and produce the grocery. Zakka is also vividly interpreted as "fun grocery", which has a creative re -design of small things in life, making life funny and cute. With the advent of the Japanese and Korean storms in recent years, the term Zakka is the first to integrate into the living culture of Taiwan and Hong Kong. Zakka not only likes children, but also adults also like it. A cute Zakka Mark Cup, a kawaii's Zakka small table lamp, put Zakka on the case, can bring you joy, evoke your unsightly childlike child ... Look at a delicious grocery shop in Korea (the picture comes from the Internet, forgot to sign ...) Imagine the children's shoes that like to make handmade. (The name and logo name and logo of Kunming Lili Handmade Castle have applied for national trademark protection, please do not borrow it.)

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