Chinese entrepreneurs in Africa have become multimillionaires

In fact, there are some Chinese people in Africa who marry black African girls and work and live there. Some of them are migrant workers in Africa who marry African girls and bring them back to China. The Chinese who bring black girls back to China are commonly reported by the media and known to the public. In fact, only a few Chinese return to live with black girls, and most of these marriages are to stay in Africa for life and development after marriage.

One of my countrymen was married to a black African girl and now lives in Tanzania.

Resident in Tanzania, I met one of my domestic person of hometown, a city I call him Lao zhang (this is not her real name), Lao zhang has more than 40 years old, he is a huge project in dar es salaam city personnel in charge of purchasing, frequently to our this purchase, so I know him extremely well, but also a city, We'll pick something up for him on our way home.

Lao Zhang engaged in the project, during the resident in Africa, the daughter-in-law derailed. Lao Zhang knew this later, applied to return home for leave, divorced with the daughter-in-law, there is a daughter also with the daughter-in-law, Lao Zhang cleaned out of the house. Lao Zhang's daughter-in-law did not want a divorce. Lao Zhang was absolutely determined. She gave her house and children to her wife and returned to Africa.39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá

Lao zhang back to Africa doesn't want to go home. Lao zhang has been responsible for procurement projects, familiar with the domestic procurement of supply of goods, is a company registered in Africa offered directly to some old customers, because the price is inexpensive and reliable quality, business has been extremely stable, so in the company after the contract expires at the old departure left the original company, your own business.

Because he was familiar with numerous domestic suppliers, and the local buyers in Africa knew a lot about Lao Zhang, he soon opened up the situation, and the business grew bigger and bigger, and hired several local Africans. A local large customers with Lao zhang is extremely familiar with, in local also is extremely wealthy, appreciate Lao zhang, understand Lao zhang divorced at home, he said to him, you marry a local wife in Africa, this business has a lot of excellent for you, foreigners are not allowed to do retail business in Tanzania, only wholesale, go against the development of the company, so I introduce my daughter to you, You touch each other.

4cd712516c32805a2b4e970caeb40de4Lao Zhang was extremely resistant at first, did not want to find an African daughter-in-law, or want to return to China to find a domestic daughter-in-law. The huge customer's daughter is extremely handsome, not black skin but brown, features are extremely three-dimensional, in Tatashi University finance, just graduated, or the university's campus flower.

The daughter of the big customer was Linda. Linda began to work as a secretary for Lao Zhang. She went to clients together and brought food to Lao Zhang every day. Linda was smart enough to know the needs of local customers, gave Lao Zhang a lot of business advice, and later learned to cook Chinese food. Two people from unfamiliar to familiar, African women or more daring than the Chinese to the sentiment, Linda active pursuit of Lao zhang, in life to Lao zhang care so much, Lao zhang a entrepreneurship in Africa is not easy, Linda want to help the old piece rent a new house, security arrangements, and help Lao zhang is decorated room, so two people's feelings to heat up quickly, A few months later, the two of them went out for a trip and got engaged when they came back.

Lao zhang married Linda, is actually a win-win result, Africa doesn't allow foreigners to enter the retail market, with the locals and foreigners get married, you can enter the retail market, Lao zhang opened a retail store in the city, sales is very big, business more does more prosperous, Lao zhang opened a factory in Tanzania after money, Lao zhang has tens of millions of assets, Living in a luxurious villa, and Linda also gave birth to a boy and a girl, the children are studying in the local international school, Lao Zhang also does not plan to return to China, all the business is in Africa, and Linda does not go to work to take care of the children at home.

In fact, many Chinese married local girls in Africa. Most of these people are businessmen whose business is in Africa, so they stay in Africa for development. Some of them married local girls, who are very docile and good at taking care of their families.

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