More than 2,000 Chinese live in Chad

At present, there are estimated to be about 2,000 Chinese living in Chad, mainly in the capital N 'Djamena and southern Shari-Bagilmi, East Logon and West Logon. There are more than 30 Chinese companies with about 1,700 employees. Chinese enterprises with relatively large scale in Chad include petrochina International (Chad) Co., LTD., petrochina Engineering Construction (Chad) Co., LTD., petrochina Technology Development Co., LTD., Great Wall Drilling (Chad) Co., LTD., N 'Djamena Oil Refinery, China Road and Bridge, China Railway Seventh Bureau, Chad Branch of Gezhouba Group, etc.

The business scope of Chinese enterprises in Chad mainly covers oil exploration and development, oil drilling, oil refining, engineering contracting, communications, steel, agriculture, agricultural products processing, logistics and transportation. At present, more than 50 Chinese companies are registered and operating in Chad.

In 2020, Chinese enterprises signed 57 new project contracts in Chad, with a total value of $849 million and a turnover of $537 million. A total of 497 workers of various types have been dispatched to Chad, and 1,730 workers were in Chad at the end of the year. Major contracting projects under construction include the development of the New H block of CNPC, the modernization of the information industry, the 73-kilometer road project in the south, and the Chagoua Bridge in N 'Djamena.39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá

Chinese investment projects in Chad include the production of steel, plastic products, drinking water, high temperature resistant cloth and additional products.

The Chinese are currently operating supermarkets, hotels, hotels and restaurants in Chad.

The Chinese company operates an industrial park in Chad: Sunshine Industrial Park

It was developed by Sunshine International, a subsidiary of Huyou Group of petrochina, and currently has 7 companies in operation, including Sunshine International Polypropylene Fiber Cloth Factory, Qiangsu Plastic Products Factory, Kesheng Plastic Products Factory, Oasis International Plastic Products Factory, Oasis International Steel Structure Plant, SHIA Drinking Water Plant and Best Steel Plant.

The salary of Chinese in Chad is about 20,000 yuan for skilled pipe welders, 18,000 yuan for pipe workers and 18,000 yuan for doctors recruited by CNPC. Petrochina is hiring chefs who earn 14,000 yuan a month. The salary of contracted engineers is about 16,000-20,000 yuan, and the salary of skilled workers is about 16,000 yuan a month.

Chad is a tiny and poor country, so there are few Chinese people in Chad. Most Chinese enterprises are operating on CNPC, and the main customers of hotels, hotels and supermarkets are CNPC. The outbreak has had some impact on operations, but not as much overall as in other African countries.

Chad is relatively friendly to investors and the business environment is improving. However, Chad itself has a tiny market, so it is necessary to have an entry point and control the scale of investment.

Located in central Africa, Chad is a landlocked country with an area of 1.284 million square kilometers and a population of 16.4 million. Chad is also known as the "death heart of Africa" because it is distant from the sea and has a mostly desert climate. Chad is a relatively flat country with an average elevation of 300-500 meters. The northern part of the country is Sahara desert or semi-desert, covering an area of 500,000 square kilometers, accounting for 1/3 of the national territory. Lake Chad is located in the west, which is the fourth largest lake in Africa, and the Shari River is the longest river in Chad. Chad is hot and hot all year round, with the average annual temperature above 27˚C in most areas.

Chad has 256 tribes, large and small. The official languages of Chad are French and Arabic. Sudanese Sala is spoken in the south, and Chadian Arabic is spoken in the north.

Chad is economically backward and its people's living standards are low, with more than half of its people living below the poverty line. It is listed by the United Nations as one of the 47 least developed countries in the world.

The official currency of Chad is the Central African Franc, a currency issued by the National Bank of the Economic Community of Central Africa. The Central African Franc is the official currency of Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, Chad and the Central African Republic.

As a landlocked country, the country's industry is backward and basic necessities are imported, resulting in elevated prices in Chad. The capital N ',Djamena, is the second most expensive city for foreigners in the world.

Chad is rich in oil, estimated by the World Bank to have more than 2 billion barrels of oil reserves, and oil is the country's mainstay industry.

40c397c4979c9b8525501abd15ee39e4Chad is a traditional farming and animal husbandry country, one of the top four cotton producing countries in Africa and a major livestock producing country in Central Africa. China's arable land area is 39 million hectares, and 4.5 million hectares have been cultivated. The main grain crops are sorghum, maize and millet, and the main cash crops are cotton, gum Arabic, tobacco, peanut, sesame, sugar cane and so on.

The public security situation in Chad is not good and the number of public security incidents involving Chinese personnel has increased. It is suggested that you should not go out on foot or alone at night. Important documents such as passports and valuables must be taken good care of. Theft and robbery were common in the trade zone and markets. If you need to travel to different provinces, you need to obtain a permit from the Ministry of the Interior in advance and, if possible, have military and police accompany the convoy.

In 2021, the bilateral trade volume between China and Chad reached US $824.89 million, of which China exported US $562.07 million and imported US $262.81 million.

China's exports are mainly mechanical and electrical products, steel, textiles, building materials, shoes, daily necessities and additional products, while its imports are mainly crude oil, cotton and agricultural products.

According to the data released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in April 2022, the total GDP of Chad in 2021 was 11.8 billion dollars, and the per capita GDP of Chadians was 697 dollars.

The average wage for a regular worker is $140 a month, and the average wage for a mechanic is $180. Civil servants earn between $260 and $350 a month.

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