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  1. In the future, gold will be called gold
    on February 11, 2015, the National Standardization Administration issued the No. 5 document in 2015, approving the No. 1 amendment to GB 11887-2012 regulations on purity and nomenclature of precious metals in jewellery, which will be implemented from May 4, 2016
    in order to facilitate manufacturers, sales industry and consumers to better understand the standard, the National Technical Committee for jewelry standardization has interpreted the contents of the No. 1 amendment to the regulations on the purity and nomenclature of precious metals in jewelry (gb11887-2012)
    Q: why do you want to modify this standard
    A: after more than 30 years of development, the market scale of China's gold and jewelry industry has reached about 470 billion yuan. With the continuous development of the industry, precious metal jewelry should also change from meeting people's material needs and value preservation and appreciation needs to beautifying people's lives
    in order to unify the identification and marking of jewelry, standardize the jewelry market, protect the rights and interests of consumers, and guide the sustained and healthy development of the jewelry industry, the national jewelry Standardization Technical Committee organized all member units to study and formulate the No. 1 amendment to GB 11887-2012 regulations on the purity of precious metals in jewelry and naming methods (Draft for approval) (hereinafter referred to as the Amendment). During the formulation of the amendment list, the opinions of industry enterprises, testing institutions, consumer organizations and other relevant parties were widely solicited. It was approved by the annual meeting of the national jewelry Standardization Committee and passed with a high number of votes
    Q: the modification doc cancels "thousand feet" and unifies them as "feet". Is this a decrease in the level
    A: This is by no means a reduction in the level of standards. On the contrary, it reflects that the formulation of standards is more in line with the nature of jewelry products, and more reflects the responsibility to protect consumer rights and interests and promote market fairness
    first of all, the standard revision only unifies the purity naming specification, and does not restrict high-content products such as "qianzu". Enterprises can still express the precious metal content of their products to consumers in a compliant form through enterprise standards, and tell consumers the product quality information in detail and accurately. Consumers can choose purer or more beautiful jewelry according to their own needs and spend it openly. So as to create a market environment in which enterprises make independent statements and consumers make voluntary choices for the society
    secondly, jewelry is a kind of products with high artistic added value that emphasizes design and technology. In the period of social prosperity and economic development, jewelry products should highlight their artistic value. For example, jade can't be made into a piece without being cut into pieces. Jade has both material value and artistic value of processing. If a jade pendant is the work of an internationally renowned arts and Crafts Master, its artistic value must be far higher than the value of jade materials. Similarly, jewelry is also different from pure stored value gold bars and bricks, and the value of materials should not be considered too much
    in recent years, some manufacturers have launched high-content jewelry products, and the market has received warm reactions. However, high content precious metal jewelry has low hardness, is easy to deform and damage during wearing, and has high maintenance costs, which is easy to cause inconvenience to consumers. At the same time, in order to ensure that the content meets the requirements, solder should be used as little as possible or not in the production process, so that the product style is greatly limited, which results in the material value suppressing the artistic value
    at present, foreign enterprises generally adopt 14K and 18K purity, focusing on product design and process level, and striving to improve the artistic added value and brand value of jewelry products
    therefore, to pursue the high content of precious metals excessively is to ignore the essentials, which is not conducive to consumers beautifying themselves with jewelry, nor is it conducive to enterprises improving brand value and the long-term development of the industry.

  2. Nothing. The price is absolutely different. It just deceives you to spend immediately. Now, there are too many franchised stores in Chow Tai Fook, and the management is somewhat chaotic. In Guangdong, Chow Tai Fook full gold and thousand full gold are listed for sale. The two prices are also different. Now there are several national gold purity standards. There are two standards to distinguish between full gold and thousand full gold. The gold content of full gold is more than 99%, The gold content of thousand foot gold is more than 99.9%. At present, the Shanghai gold exchange still has the real-time quotations of these varieties for reference. As for the dynasty in which the clerk said it would be in the future, it is nonsense. It is a private view, and there is absolutely no basis for it. If you don't understand, you're still talking nonsense. This let their bosses know that they should be ashamed of themselves, and their peers must laugh. Chow Tai Fook is a professional.

  3. 9999 # is a thousand pieces of gold, 9995 # is not. At least it is divided now. I don't know in the future. The policy hasn't been published yet. Those people say that it's for them to sell. It's nonsense. If you need to buy it in the future, you can buy it directly from our company. Gold bars from Shanghai stock exchange can also be used, but there are withdrawal time limits and handling fees. It's cheaper than those in the market. But now many people do gold investment! What we do is TD! If you are interested, welcome to communicate with me! I'm a precious metal trader from Minsheng Bank!

  4. I also met the same question, and the clerk answered the same. However, the receipt only wrote the gold pendant, and did not indicate that the solder joint was a thousand gold. In this way, even if Chow Tai Fook cheated people, the buyer had no evidence to prove that he bought a thousand gold. Isn't this cheating consumers?! If the merchant said before buying that I would not buy at all. It is irresponsible to consumers. I won't buy Chow Tai Fook anymore. There is no integrity.

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